Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away



3rd Brown Belt Techniques

Circling Fans (Technique #081)

Defense against Front left and right punch combination (Parker Technique)


The technique steps are as follows:


1. Step back with left foot to 6:00 into right neutral bow.
    Execute a right inward downward diagonal parry to opponents

2. Attacker follows up with a Right straight punch.
    Further increase the distance by sliding your right foot back into
    45 degree cat stance. While sliding your right foot back, execute a
    left inward downward diagonal parry.

3. Right front snapping ball kick to your opponent's groin.
    (Your opponent should bend forward at the waist.)

4. plant your right foot forward toward 12 o'clock into a right neutral
    bow. Simultaneous right uppercut punch to your opponent's
    forehead, a left horizontal forearm check of his arms. (Your
    opponent's head should snap back, as his entire body is driven

5. Left front crossover to again close the distance.
    As you crossover, deliver a left vertical punch to your opponent's
    sternum. Simultaneous "with" this punch contour down your
    opponent's chest with a right sliding horizontal forearm check.

6. Right Knee into attackers groin

7. Contouring your right knee down the inside of your opponent's
    right thigh to buckle his right knee outward. (This action should
    both turn your opponent's body clockwise to his right, and bring his
    head down.) Utilizing Reverse Marriage of Gravity, deliver a right
    upward lifting forearm strike under your opponent's chin.
    Simultaneous "with" these two actions utilize a left horizontal
    forearm check at waist level. (Your opponent should be driven
    back and fall to the ground.)

8. Execute a right front crossover, and cover out toward 7:30 -

9. Notice that your opponent is still capable of retaliation, execute a
    left rear crossover / right back thrusting heel kick to any available

10. Crossover - Full Cover to 7:30





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