Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away



2nd Brown Belt Techniques


Coiling Crane (Technique #094)

Against Left hand grab to Right shoulder from 12:00


The technique steps are as follows:

1. Left hand check to hand

2. Step into Right neutral bow; Right forearm strike to elbow

3. continue arm through for flow; Right elbow back into curve of elbow

4. Simultaneous Right hammer strike to solar plexus as your hand comes back

5. R clockwise coil to neck as you step into Left neutral bow

6. While executing a Left arm coil behind attackers Right arm

7. Right torquing iron forearm to shoulder

8. Switch to Right neutral bow as you flow into Right hammer to ribs while Shifting into Right reward bow stance

9. Right hooking heal to check or groin

10.Continue lock Right arm with Left hand - Step to 9:00 Right ft.

11.Right crane hook into shoulder and twist for break

12.Knee throw and cover



Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu Federation