Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away




This form personifies the essence of the crane. It looks at the cranes movements as they would be used in multiple opponent situations.


The Steps are as follows:


1.   Salutation In

2.   K12:00 Overhead Club attack - 10:30 Lunge Simultaneous Wave blocks (10:30 - 4:30) - L hand check arms

3.   R ridgehand to neck or philtrum

4.   R Crescent Step to 1:30 as you deliver R Shuto to base of skull While simultaneously delivering a left backhanded parry to attacker #2 L Straight Punch at F1:30

5.   R Ridgehand to attacker #2 neck into a R looping overhead shuto to neck as you do R step drag toward F1:30

6.   Shift into L Cat stance facing F6 as you do L backhanded parry to block L Straight Punch coming from Attacker #3 at F9

7.   Roll parry over into vise grab to left arm - Execute a R Iron Forearm to Left Elbow break - Roll into R crosshand Shuto to front of attackers neck with R crescent step.

8.   Right Hoping Side thrust kick to attackers Knee

9.   R reverse step drag as you do Rolling Parry’s (R/L) to defend multiple midline strikes from Attacker #4 at F3.

10. R crescent step to F3 as you deliver R inverted Spearhand to throat of attacker

11. Shift into Reverse Bow as you deliver torquing palm heel to chest

12. R hoping side thrust kick to attackers chest (Sending him away to F3)

13. Attacker #5 from F12 grabs your lapel - L hand to R side - L hand check to grab - R hand check to wrist - turn R elbow to brace upon their elbow to create lever while stepping to F12.

14. Do L rear stepping arc all the way around to F12 (Facing F6) swinging attacker around. L hand grab to attackers inner elbow as you yank back toward F12 pushing R lock up to 12 as R Foot steps to F12(Throwing attacker on their back)

15. Step to attention stance and step out to stomp on Attacker #5 Face.

16. Attacker #6 from F4:30 - (L front Punch) - Block punch with L wing block that then flows in to L inverted ridgehand to neck and R ridgehand to solar plexus simultaneously as you step to K4:30.

17. R crescent step then L rear stepping arc to F9 as you deliver R Shuto to side of neck.

18. Attacker #7 from F12 with Front kick - 10:30 Lunge - R scooping cranes beak block to kick pull kick forward to extend their stance. Flow into R Winged palm heel to chest.

19. Attacker #8 from F12 with front kick - Extended stance, scissor block down to block kick, scissor strike to throat, simultaneous outward rakes across face, simultaneous palm heels to ribs.

20. Come to cranes stack.

21. Salutation Out.








Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu Federation