Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away


Purple Belt Techniques


Cutting The Triangle (Technique #038)

Defending against a Right Stomp to Stomach while you are on your back



This technique is for when the opponent has Pushed you down onto your back and is approaching to stomp on your stomach.  Again we are trying to defend ourselves and get back to our feet as quickly as possible.



The technique steps are as follows:


1. Double factor block ( Right palm, Left backhand)

2. Right half punch to the groin

3. Simultaneous Tigers Mouth to back of opponents knees

    (flipping opponent onto his back as you raise your knees to meet 
     his back.)

4. Simultaneous arm coils rolling attacker off of you to the left

5. Roll to right and stand - Full Cover





Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu Federation