Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away



2nd Brown Belt Techniques


Fire Dance (Technique #104)

Against Two Attackers: Attacker #1 with Gun 3" off chest and Attacker #2 at 9:00


The technique steps are as follows:

1. Atk#1: torque body CCW facing 9:00 as you do simultaneous vice grabs to hand and wrist to control Gun and point at Atk#2: Gun Fires at Atk#2

2. Take hand to top of weapon pushing weapon toward Attackers wrist, breaking finger with gun trigger guard and disarming. (Gun May fire again)

3. Throw Right back thrust kick to Atk#2 groin land in reverse bow

4. As you remove gun from Atk#1 hand, thrust gun out into Atk#2 chest at heart and fire

5. Right forward Stepping arc as you bring gun to Atk#1 Head and fire.

6. Cover and check surrounding with Gun ready.



Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu Federation