Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away


The Development of Our Patch


How did our patch come to be?


I designed the Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu patch in 2008 when I decided that my system needed a symbol of representation.  In building the design, I took elements from the “Fist Law Martial Arts Academy”, “Nippon Kempo Federation” as well as the patches of “American Kenpo Karate”.   Our patch is uniquely our own and I believe represents us well.


As I was designing this patch, I wanted it to have meaning.   More than just a logo of our school and my family.  I wanted each part to represent something.  So I pulled the Circle of Yin/Yang into the patch from asian culture.  I pulled the circles of representation from Nippon Kempo.  I researched Kanji symbols for each element I wanted represented.  I pulled the flame from Sil Lum Kenpo and of course the Dragon as a representation of all animals and the influence that nature has upon our fighting system.


As you begin your journey down the road of Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu it is important that you know our patch, it’s meaning and what that represents to you.  Study it, you will be tested on it again and again as you move through our system.  Show it respect and live up to the honor and ethic that I hoped it would represent when I created it.



Sil Lum Kenpo Foundation



It is only through the understanding of your place in the universe that you can achieve your true potential. Be humble and do not over estimate your own worth.



Show respect at all times for those greater in years or experience and remember all martial arts have something to offer so treat them with respect regardless of what they think of you.



Live you life with honor.  Speak kindly to one another and look for ways which you May be helpful to others.  And most importantly remember your word is your honor.  If you say you will do something, then do it.  Always follow through on your promises.



Be sincere in your training and your review of others if asked.  Only through honest discourse can we all grow in our pursuit of Kenpo



As well as having an effective understanding of the physics of kenpo, you must also possess and understanding of the spirit of Kenpo.  Then when you speak to others of our art, you will show the true intent and honor of that which we have dedicated our lives.



Always give 110% in all of your training.  Only by pushing our bodies to their limits and testing ourselves can we grow.  Remember if you train at 50%, then the day you need Kenpo it will only be there at 50%.  Your techniques and power will fall short of protecting you or your loved ones.  Training is always a serious matter.



Although Kenpo is a self defense system, it is also an art form.  It is important that you see that Kenpo remains true to its art.  Never change a technique during practice.  The system is designed as it is with a purpose.  Of course that is not to say that on the street you will not adapt to overcome.  But in practice stay true.  After all this is working toward building you an arsenal of movement.


Perpetual Flame

represents the heart of kenpo.  The burning desire to better ones self through training and meditation and overcome those obstacles in the way.


Yin Yang

Yin Yang is used to describe how seemingly disjunct or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn. The concept lies at the heart of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy.  yin and yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole. Everything has both yin and yang aspects, which constantly interact, never existing in absolute stasis.  For kenpo it mostly represent the hard and soft aspects of our system and how they flow together to create a greater whole.



The Dragon represents an understand of movement and an essence of cunning and deception.  The understanding of movement incorporates aspects of all of the other animals and represents not another level of skill, but rather a great maturity and mental attitude.  An individual who has reached this stage has learned to develop humility and self-restraint.


Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu Federation