Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away


Purple Belt Techniques


Straddled Tiger (Technique #037)

Defending while on your back with attacker sitting straddling your chest.



This technique is for when the opponent has your down prone on the ground and is on top of you, straddling your chest trying to choke you. This is a position your should never let yourself get in, but if you do this is one possible way to get out of the situation and back on your feet.  Remember Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu Ground Combat is entirely about getting back to your feet where you have control and maneuverability.



The technique steps are as follows:


1. Iron forearms to elbows

2. Elbows locked; grab hair on each side of their head

3. Turn head counter clockwise - twisting opponent off of your chest

4. Right tiger’s claw raking across face

5. Left shuto to throat

6. Roll to right and stand - Full Cover





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