Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away



3rd Brown Belt Techniques

Thrust Into Darkness (Technique #080)

Defense against Right step through punch (Parker Technique)


The technique steps are as follows:


1. Lunge to 1:30 into a left reverse cat stance
    (looking at attacker over shoulder) Right hand checking high, left   
    hand checking low

2. Right rear kick to attacker’s solar plexus

3. Land and pivot counter clockwise into a left neutral bow
    facing 7:30. into a right front kick to attacker’s chest.
    Land forward into neutral bow facing 7:30

4. As attacker stumbles back, execute a Left front crossover
    stepping out into a right knife-edge kick to the outside of attacker’s  
    knee. (This should buckle attacker’s right knee and turn their body
    counter clockwise)

5. As you land into Right neutral bow 7:30.
    Pivot into right forward bow as you execute Right back-fist to your
    attacker’s left temple. Simultaneously with a Half punch to spine.
    (after completion of this whipping action, return to right neutral

7. Left rear crossover into right rear kick

8. Right front crossover to 1:30 - Full cover






Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu Federation