Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away



The Trilogy of Demise


The Following represent the most powerful obstacles to overcome in a confrontation, whether it be physical or verbal.


1.  Anger - Anger is a spontaneous state of mind that will cause you to make irrational decisions.  Often time will cool anger, but when time is not available you must find a way to turn anger into a positive force.  Do not let anger become a weapon of your opponent.


2. Fear - Fear is a state of being that will hasten your actions and lead you toward incorrect judgements.  Again time can settle all fear, but the greatest fear is that of the unknown.   Calm your fear and seek your inner strength so you can act.


3. Hate - Hate is the most dangerous of all self-evils and has no place in the world of martial arts.  Hate can cause people to do things which they know to be wrong and immoral.  The only thing hate will do is destroy you.

Calm Yourself and think before you act.


Remember we are here to train to fight and study the wonderful world of martial arts, not to harm each other or to out do one another.  Remember we study to fight so we don't have to.


Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu Federation