Only A Warrior May Choose To Walk Away



2nd Brown Belt Techniques


Twin Destruction (Technique #101)

Against Two Attackers: Attacker #1 at 1:30 and Attacker #2 at 10:30


The technique steps are as follows:

1.   Atk#1 throws Right front punch to face ; defend with Right backhand block

2.   Atk#2 throws Left front punch to face; defend with Left backhand block

3.  Continue Atk#1 back-hand block to roll over arm into downward diagonal palm heel

4.  Hand continues and rotates around raking Atk#1 in face then arcs to iron forearm at Atk#2 elbow (break)

5.  Right hand rolls into Parker grab at shoulder as you execute a right high putters kick to Left knee of Atk#2 immediately into a Right back thrust kick to Atk#1's R knee

6.  R foot steps to 10:30 as you deliver hooking serpents head to neck of Atk#2

7.  Atk#1 begins to stand and throw right back fist; Rake Atk#2’s face on way to a knife

hand block of Atk#1 back fist rolling into grab below elbow, left hand checks high at wrist as you step with left foot to 4:30 and execute a torquing shoulder throw, flipping Atk#1 to the ground

8.  Full cover



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